ORGANIC agility® Tools support decisions with real-time data

ORGANIC agility, powered by agile42 and SenseMaker®, brings you the tools that will turn the principles into daily practice. In combination with the leadership model, the Oa Software help you understand your organizational culture and current situation through real data, instead of guesswork and assumptions.

Organizational Scan™

The Organizational Scan, OrgScan in short, uses the patented SenseMaker®. It shows your organizational culture, your main leadership styles and what your organization values by collecting 100% anonymous data from you and your colleagues. Through including micro-narratives and a patented design that cannot be gamed, the OrgScan offers real data, unlike an interview or a questionnaire which is influenced by the personal situation or the mood of the contributor.

In order to discover the culture and processes that can lead you to becoming a more resilient organization, you need to start from an understanding of where you are right now. The OrgScan gives you the status quo on which to base your strategy.

Agile Strategy Map™

The Agile Strategy Map Tool embodies the principles of ORGANIC agility. It allows you to place your goal at the center of your strategic planning, understand how to maintain your gains, and safely test multiple factors to discover what will bring you success in the future. Visual, intuitive, and collaborative, the Agile Strategy Map Tool lets you connect the strategic and operational levels, make your process transparent, and engage everyone in your organization, empowering them to contribute in strategy execution and observe its results.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

By combining the OrgScan and the Agile Strategy Map you can take advantage of the full potential of those tools to provide continuous, real-time feedback that drives change as it is taking place and enable anyone in your team to collaborate, report results, and see outcomes. Your dashboard will seamlessly bring the two tools together and allow you to examine the effect of your strategic choices on your decision-making and your culture, or even see the impact of a single experiment. This permits rapid adjustment, facilitating responsiveness and resilience.