The ORGANIC agility Advanced classes provides you with Certified Agile Leadership II certification (CAL II) from the Scrum Alliance. Agile executives learn to support and promote the organizational and cultural change towards agility, in order to create organizations which are more competitive and responsive, whilst delivering value to its customers and supporting work life balance for its employees.

ORGANIC agility® Advanced: Strategy for Change

This is an ORGANIC agility Advanced course which focuses primarily on Strategy definition using the Strategy Map and the APEX Predator theory. You will understand how to explore and exploit, how to use the Strategy Map framework to guide activities within your organization (operating model) and how to support change and continuous evolution (change management) in a meaningful way. The deep dive will include practical exercises based on sample case studies to experience the application of the framework.

Training Topics 

    • Understand how to map your customers segments on the Market Adoption curve, and model your existing business models
    • Create anticipatory triggers to signal when it is time to start shifting to a different organizational form
    • Drive the creation of a Strategy Map and define a suitable operating model for your organization
The class is presented in a highly interactive and collaborative format with elements of lecture, classroom discussion, exercises, games and simulations, smoothly blended throughout the class.
Andrea Tomasini
ORGANIC agility Mentor
Facts Overview:
    • Prerequisites: ORGANIC agility® Foundations class & active combination of two or more of CAL-E, CAL-T, or CAL-O - or CAL-I.
    • Duration: 7h
    • Delivery: Remote
    • Certifications: Certifications: ORGANIC agility® Advanced Certification, and after validated practice & a peer-based workshop, CAL II certification
    • PDU & Scrum Alliance SEUs (toward CSP cert): 6 SEUs / PDUs

Actual ORGANIC agility workshops

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I feel that my journey with this framework has only begun. And I don’t usually buy into frameworks that much, for me it’s more about first principles always. But this time I really have to say that you’ve created something powerful and I’d be happy to be part of the community that develops it further. The era of complexity has arrived and this, in addition to Cynefin is the current most cutting edge set of principles and patterns that one can utilize to cope with the challenges posed by the accelerating pace of change into the adjacent possible.
T. Joentakanen
T. Joentakanen
Business Agility Strategist

What are the Masterclasses and do I need them?

Our workshops and trainings are based on proven methods addressing, drawing from, or relevant to Organizational Culture, Leadership Coaching, Design Thinking, Cynefin, or other consulting approaches.

If you are a consultant, an internal Coach or you are just interested in the science, theories, and patents on which our frameworks are based, the masterclass is the right way to dig deeper. The masterclass can also give you access to an expanded toolset. Through that deep dive, plus practice and training experience, you can reach three different accreditation levels, which enable you to teach your own ORGANIC agility classes and certify the attendees.

Here you can take a look at the profiles of others who have gone on to complete the Masterclass and become ORGANIC agility Professionals, and perhaps discover your next trainer or consultant.

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ORGANIC agility Foundations

Leadership & Organization

ORGANIC agility is our comprehensive approach to understanding the functioning of organizations in the market, how they change through internal and external interactions, and how we can influence that change to enable a more resilient organization to emerge. This handbook is ...