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Based on more than 2700 projects worldwide and the groundbreaking Cynefin framework, agile42 has created ORGANIC agility® and offers organizations an opportunity to center resilience.

As someone who works in complex environments or as an expert in Agile Transitions, Leadership Coaching, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Cynefin or other consulting approaches, you are familiar with the challenges an organization and its leadership face every day. ORGANIC agility offers you a coherent approach to enabling resilience and helps you to shift practice away from prescriptive, overly-defined plans and methods, towards an acceptance of complexity and a recognition of how to actually manage change.

I feel that my journey with this framework has only begun. And I don’t usually buy into frameworks that much, for me it’s more about first principles always. But this time I really have to say that you’ve created something powerful and I’d be happy to be part of the community that develops it further. The era of complexity has arrived and this, in addition to Cynefin is the current most cutting edge set of principles and patterns that one can utilize to cope with the challenges posed by the accelerating pace of change into the adjacent possible.
T. Joentakanen
T. Joentakanen
Business Agility Strategist

ORGANIC agility partnership includes:


The new evolutionary ORGANIC Leadership™ Model for growing leadership capabilities in organizations


A complexity-based approach to identify and analyze organizational culture


An accreditation program setting out the path to becoming an ORGANIC agility Professional and Mentor


A set of proven and adaptable methods and tools for Leadership Coaching, Organizational Change, Cultural awareness, Strategy Design and Execution, and much more


ORGANIC Leadership Workshop formats to teach, and certify the people joining your courses


Access to the toolset of Cognitive Edge, an organization that defined the understanding of complexity and is bringing revolutionary tools, such as SenseMaker, into existence

Supporting Software


The Organizational Scan (OrgScan) Software


The Agile Strategy Map Software


Coming soon... 360 Leadership Journey

Find an ORGANIC agility trainer, consultant or coach

The network of international ORGANIC agility supporters is growing every day. Please contact us if you need support for your leadership team or if you like to understand how to enable a cultural change in your organization.

ORGANIC agility Partners - Accreditation to train & coach

There is a clear path to becoming an ORGANIC agility Partner/Trainer and there are 2 levels of expertise you can reach over time: Foundation and Advanced. Each level will accredit you to teach and certify your own classes:

1. ORGANIC agility Professional

1. ORGANIC agility Professional

As ORGANIC agility Professional you are accredited to teach the ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations Class and certify its attendees.

2. ORGANIC agility Expert

2. ORGANIC agility Expert

As ORGANIC agility Expert you are accredited to teach the ORGANIC agility Advanced Classes and certify its attendees.

How to become an ORGANIC agility Professional

Learn more about the market, your place in it, and how the culture of an organization produces outcomes in a complex environment. Experience the essentials of ORGANIC agility and decide for yourself if it is the right approach for you and your clients.

The ORGANIC agility Professional accreditation requires:

      • Graphic Facilitation Workshop (optional)
      • ORGANIC Leadership Foundations Course (2 d) & Masterclass (1 d)
      • Co-training with an ORGANIC agility Expert/Mentor and/or
      • Writing a case study
          • The ability to co-train should be demonstrated over at least 3 classes, where the new Professional gradually takes on more responsibility, from co-training a couple of modules to delivering the whole course in a safe-to-fail environment.
      • Positive attendee evaluations from your trainings

As an accredited ORGANIC agility Professional, you can deliver the ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations course and provide official certificates of attendance to your course participants.

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How to become an ORGANIC agility Expert

Learn how to apply strategy in practice, deliver value to your customers and stakeholders and optimize the process for effectiveness. Understand your role in creating change, shaping strategy, and being a leader to your teams.


For the ORGANIC agility Expert accreditation you will need:
Pre-requisite: ORGANIC agility Professional

As an accredited ORGANIC agility Expert, you can deliver the ORGANIC Leadership Advanced course and provide official certificates of attendance to your course participants.

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ORGANIC agility Mentor

An ORGANIC agility Mentor has proven to run successfully ORGANIC agility workshops, classes and projects. You can not get this accreditation by attending a class rather than proving to other Experts and Mentor your capabilities and experience.

ORGANIC agility Mentor

ORGANIC agility Mentor

Accredited to teach Strategic Leadership workshops and courses