Strategy Map

ORGANIC agility helps build the capability for resilience at every level of your organization, and that should also apply to your strategy. The Strategy Map is the answer to an urgent question: How do you create strategy in a world where it is no longer safe to imagine an ideal future state and try to get exactly there, because change happens so fast?

Strategy in a complex world

Agile Strategy Map

The Strategy Map helps you take the principles of ORGANIC agility and apply them in practice by leading you to recognize and secure what you have achieved, start from where you are, and introduce change by validating it in small increments. Your goal is at the centre of your planning, but the road you take is safer, because you will not rely on a single approach that could fail disastrously. Instead, you will test multiple ideas at the same time and promote those that have been proven to work and move you in the right direction.

Visual and intuitive

The Strategy Map is both a true map and a living, responsive tool that adapts to exactly where you are. Your goal is your true North, giving you direction, and the elements of Past, Present, and Future help to orient you in time and space. You can also track the progress of your experiments in real time, connect related factors, update the status of the factors influencing your strategy, and much more.


Combining transparency and accountability with action is expected of today’s leaders. The Strategy Map gives you the tool to share your strategy with your entire organization and seamlessly connect planning with execution. Your people will be able to see what choices are being made and why, become owners of experiments and initiatives, and join in the squads that are relevant to their roles and passions. This personal involvement means that change will be understood, accepted, and driven from within the organization.

Never start a new plan

A flexible strategy combined with an intuitive, adaptable tool means that there is never again a reason to abandon all your past efforts, scrap your old change initiatives, and start again from zero chasing after the next promise. Instead, you will be able to continuously adjust and improve, growing your successes, standardizing what makes sense, learning how to recover from mistakes, and continuing your experiments to create innovation for the future.

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We have grown into an adventurous and learning organization. Our strategy is clear, focused and we continuously check whether we are still on track or not. Our Agile Strategy Map visualizes our business; we differentiate between CSFs (confirmed success factors) and PSFs (potential success factors) in order to be able to focus on what is essential. This allows us to react fast to a changing environment and incorporate new issues even in a full schedule
The Congstars
The Congstars
From the leadership team of congstar, a brand of Telekom Deutschland GmbH

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It’s the unique combination of ongoing OrgScan journaling and Strategy Map's strategic planning and execution, providing live and measurable insights

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OrgScan Decision Capturing
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OrgScan Reporting
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Strategy Mapping
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The Strategy Map framework implemented within a digital tool to support remote collaboration and sharing

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Strategy Mapping
  • Strategy Map Toolkit
  • Complete Video Tutorial Library
  • Business Experiment Tracking