Webinar: Cynefin and ORGANIC agility principle 2

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In this second webinar of the ORGANIC agility series, agile42 coaches Michèle Twomey and Javier Pérez Fernández will be exploring Cynefin and how it can be helpful in establishing or re-establishing orientation. Together with Lena Natus of Divimove, they will discuss how a sense-making framework supports situational decision-making in Divimove HR department.

They will also address the challenges that leadership teams experience when practicing ORGANIC agility principle 2: situational decision-making and why using Cynefin supports decision-making and navigation when entering new or unfamiliar terrain.

The webinar will be on March 20, 2020, at 09:30 (Central European Time). You can register online on the Zoom platform and you will be mailed the details about how to connect to the webinar.

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