Case study: congstar and agile42

congstar HQ

congstar is a German mobile operator. From its start-up beginnings in 2007, congstar has grown to an organization of more than 200 employees and their brand’s association with flexibility and fairness gained them more than five million customers last year.

The company’s IT department started working in an agile way 9 years ago. However, letting that agile mindset also grow in other departments within the organization took a while. Enter agile42, and in 2018 the two companies’ collaboration started with an assessment, which revealed that incoherencies between teams working in different ways, their differing expectations, and the tendency of leaders to focus on their own groups at the expense of the big picture would be the main leverage points for achieving change.

Both sides decided that leadership would be the best place to start from in order to create a deeper shift in culture and collaboration and not just the introduction of new tools and methods. agile42 decided to speed results up by using a workshop to introduce the concept of archetypes, rather than overwhelming leaders with an entire leadership framework. In the context of ORGANIC Leadership, which is one of the three pillars of ORGANIC agility, an archetype is a way to bring a leadership attitude and behavior together with organizational culture and structure.

We have grown into an adventurous and learning organization. Our strategy is clear, focused and we continuously check whether we are still on track or not. Our Agile Strategy Map visualizes our business; we differentiate between CSFs (confirmed success factors) and PSFs (potential success factors) in order to be able to focus on what is essential. This allows us to react fast to a changing environment and incorporate new issues even in a full schedule
The Congstars
The Congstars
From the leadership team of congstar, a brand of Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Webinar on Organizational Archetypes

Andrea Tomasini, senior coach at agile42, and Christina Kiehl, Chief Finance & Operations Officer of congstar, got together to discuss to use of Organizational Archetypes in the first ORGANIC agility webinar, recorded January 31st, 2020. You can watch here the recording, or read more information including Q&A from the session.