ORGANIC agility: Leadership Foundations & Masterclass

Workshop & Masterclass Description

This ORGANIC Foundations Class: Leadership & Organization, plus a 3-hour online training about Scrum, Agile and Lean meets the awareness & discovery credential certified by the Scrum Alliance for Agile Leadership (CAL I)

ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundation Part 1

The first part of the workshop will focus on understanding the context, reason for existence, and the framework of ORGANIC agility. The modules develop around ORGANIC Leadership and address the need for a leadership model which is contemplating Attitude (behaviours), Culture (context) and Situation (domain). The introduction of ORGANIC Leadership will allow to introduce the principles 1 and 2 which are directly related to it as dimensions. Tools such as Archetypes and Behavioural assessments will be introduced and practiced.

ORGANIC agility Organizational Foundation Part 2

The second part of the workshop will focus on understanding more about the implication of market dynamics on organizational structure and culture. The principles 3 to 5 will be introduced with particular focus on connecting them to the first two, and understanding how the overall ORGANIC agility scaffolding approach allows each organization to develop their own version of a more resilient organization through agility.


Additional information about the Scrum Alliance CAL I (Credential Level 1) and ORGANIC agility Leadership path

The CAL Credential Level 1 (CAL I) program is an introductory, education-based program. The learning objectives for the CAL program are based on the Agile Manifesto, Scrum, research in leadership effectiveness, and organizational patterns that are effective in complex and rapidly changing environments. For more information, take a look at the Scrum Alliance training description

The internationally-recognized CAL Level 1 Credential also allows you to claim:

PDUs and Scrum Alliance SEUs (toward CSP cert): 14

Attending the ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundation is the first step to get the:

ORGANIC agility accreditation as ORGANIC agility Professional (Level 1).

The next step would be the ORGANIC agility Foundations Masterclass. For more information please have a look at


The next step:

ORGANIC agility Foundations: Masterclass (1 day)

To be able to teach the ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundation class, you need to do the Masterclass. This one day Masterclass provides a stronger background to the theory behind ORGANIC agility foundation and provides accreditation as an ORGANIC Professional. This entitles all participants to teach public ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundation classes. The program gives you deep dives into each of the theory blocks experienced in the Foundation class, providing a deeper understanding of the theory.

Prerequisite: attendees need to have attended the ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundation class, possibly the day before this Masterclass.


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Did you know that completing the 2-day ORGANIC agility Foundations could make you eligible for the Certified Agile Leadership Level 1 Credential? For more information on that option, check out the agile42 website.

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