ORGANIC agility: Advanced Workshops & Masterclass

Workshops & Masterclass Description

This set of courses is for those who have already participated in our Foundations course and want to take their knowledge and practice to the next level. Whether you are a leader, coach, consultant, or other expert, you can choose the subject that is right for your needs, or explore all of them.

The ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations Workshop is a pre-requisite for attending this workshop.

ORGANIC agility:

Advanced Leadership Workshop

This one-day course builds on the lessons of the ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations, and combines theory in action with practical tools for the growth and practice of leadership in the organization. Bringing together leadership behaviours, organizational culture, and the importance of context, this course will show leaders how to assess themselves in different ways and build on the insights of that assessment so that the whole organization can move to a place of greater autonomy and interconnection. This is combined with tools that will be essential at different stages of change, such as:

  • conflict resolution
  • a coherent approach to decision-making
  • shifting in and out of the role of coach as needed and using appropriate tools
  • learning to harness the power of stories in organizational culture

ORGANIC agility:

Advanced Organization Workshop

This one-day workshop builds on the ORGANIC agility Organization Foundations course, and especially on the principle of Focusing on Value Creation. Using value as its starting point, this is a practical and engaging approach that will allow participants to practice the process of identifying different value streams in a safe environment. The workshop will also demonstrate the connections of the creation and delivery of value with skills and competencies, and how this relationship can inform organizational structure itself. This will be revealed as a dynamic process that responds to the requirements of markets and customers. Finally, participants will be given methods that enhance the performance and autonomy of the teams that will develop out of this adaptive approach to organizational structure.

ORGANIC agility:

Advanced Strategy for Change Workshop

This one-day course explores what the principle of Validating Change in Small Increments means for the strategy and growth of a learning organization. Participants will be introduced to high-level strategy concepts in engaging with the markets, such as the Apex Predator Theory, and techniques for responding to market challenges. They will also spend a lot of time engaging with the Strategy Map, a way creating a transparent and participatory approach to strategy that is at the same time responsive to changes (external and internal) and encourages experimentation and a balance between diversity and coherence. In highly complex times, this course offers tools for navigation and goal-setting without simplification.

ORGANIC agility Advanced:

The Masterclass

Intended for ORGANIC agility Professionals who have already experienced the three advanced courses and want to take the next step in their personal journey, the Masterclass is an intense expert-to-expert encounter. The participants are going to co-create core concepts based on their knowledge of ORGANIC agility, under the guidance of a Mentor. The majority of the session is dedicated to an extensive clinic, where Professionals are going to work on real-life cases from their practice, using the community of their peers and the experience of the trainer to analyse and refine their application of ORGANIC agility.


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