Virtual, ORGANIC agility Foundation Training

Virtual Training South Africa, February 2022

Details about the ORGANIC agility Foundation Training

This ORGANIC agility Foundations Training take place over 2 day (10am-6pm SAST). Agile Leadership is necessary for any organization that wants to learn and grow. ORGANIC agility provides a new leadership approach, models for cultural change, insight into complexity thinking and addresses topics that are important to every leader in any organization. The ORGANIC Leadership® framework supports Leadership growth as a capability, rather than only seeing it as personal development of Leaders. To grow leadership capabilities we need to start building the ability, in ourselves and others, to see the connections between what we do and the effect that has on our organizational culture, our environment and us as a leader. The goal of this course has three parts: (1) bring awareness and understanding of the foundations of agile leadership; (2) create awareness about the changing dynamics in today's world of work and equip leaders with the practices they need to effectively lead their teams; and (3) bring awareness to the practices and principles of agility and how they apply to sustainable business and organizational agility. The class is presented in a highly interactive and collaborative format with elements of lecture, classroom discussion, exercises, games and simulations, smoothly blended throughout the class. We will approach the class at a sustainable pace and endeavour to take breaks often, to allow our brain to stay focused and our body to recharge when necessary.

Type of Training: ORGANIC agility Foundation Training

Dates: February 07.-08. 2022

Location: Virtual

Language: English

Trainer: Andrea Tomasini

Standard Price: Standard Price: R 13,900.00 (+VAT)
Early Bird Price: R 11,120.00 (+VAT)
*Prices only applicable to persons residing in Africa*

Availability: Still places available 

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Training Topics:

  • Understanding why resilience and agility are required for an increasingly Complex, Unpredictable and Volatile world.
  • The ORGANIC agility framework: a scaffolding approach to achieve organizational agility
  • ORGANIC leadership behaviours: how an effective leader in the 21st century can adopt a multi-dimensional leadership approach
  • Organizational archetypes: mapping organization, culture and leadership
  • Cultural awareness and coherence: how to visualize your organizational culture and make it more coherent
  • The Cynefin framework and situational decision making approaches
  • Focus on value: organizational design and enablers
  • Leading high performing teams: competency mapping, team dynamics and team motivation
  • Helping teams become resilient: influencing as a leader
  • Organizational strategy and change in an agile context: validates learning in small steps
  • Optimizing the value flow: collaboration across multiple teams

Who should attend

This class is intended for:

  • Managers. One of your challenges may be overcoming internal resistance to organization-wide agility. This workshop gives you practical tools to bolster your growth as a leader, and helps you nurture yourself and senior management champions to solidify your efforts.
  • Organizational Decision Makers & Change Leaders. Put yourself ahead and discover the joy of taking an active role in sustainable organizational agility. This course helps you learn principles, tools and practices to support your effort of transforming company culture.
  • Executives. Finding the time to nurture your own agility and discovering a meaningful role to play in an agile initiative is challenging. You desire to be more than just someone who authorizes hiring a consultant or coach. This workshop can quickly accelerate your learning curve and show you the active role you could play in a sustainable agile change.
  • Coaches/Consultants. Your challenge is to help clients navigate an agile initiative with a focus on the people and mindsets necessary to shift the culture. This workshop provides you the tools to help enact change, and distinguishes you in the field as someone who has acquired the defined knowledge of an agile leader.
  • The Leader in You … in All of Us. Finding out more about your personal leadership style can enlighten you and help you be more empathetic to everyone you encounter. This program can enhance both your career and your personal life.

There is no prerequisite for attending this class.

Included in the training:

  • Slack channel to continue collaborating with your classmates after the class and access trainers to ask questions
  • ORGANIC agility e-book
  • Option to join the agile42 Community and get access to a number of free learning resources, like books, articles and videos
  • Life-long warranty on the course: e-mail access to the trainers

Your virtual environment In order to ensure a collaborative, engaging and fun environment even virtually, we are going to use a number of digital platforms.

  1. We will use Zoom as a video conferencing platform. You can access Zoom through your browser or download the desktop application. We recommend you access through a PC/laptop with a webcam and mic or headphones.
  2. We will use Slack as an additional messaging channel. You will get an invitation to our class Slack channel. If you do not have a Slack account, please go to and create one using the same mail address you used to register to the training. If you already have a Slack account with another email address and you want to use that one, let us know.
  3. We will use Miro as an online whiteboard for digital collaboration. The access will be free of charge for the duration of the training.

You will receive further information and specific instructions before the training.

Registration ORGANIC agility Foundation Training

Additional Information about the CAL and ORGANIC agility Leadership path

The learning objectives for the CAL program are based on the Agile Manifesto, Scrum, research in leadership effectiveness, and organizational patterns that are effective in complex and rapidly changing environments. For more information, take a look at the relevant Scrum Alliance web page.

This course serves as the prerequisite for CAL II.

It will also allow you to claim:
PDUs and Scrum Alliance SEUs (toward CSP cert): 24 PDUs/SEUs
Attending the ORGANIC agility Foundations Class is the first step to get the:
ORGANIC agility accreditation as ORGANIC agility Professional (Level 1) . Step 2 would be the ORGANIC agility Foundations Masterclass.

Questions/ Interested in Registering?

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