ORGANIC agility: Leadership Foundation

Berlin, Germany, May 2020

Details about the ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations Class

If you work in or with organizations in any role, you know things are always far more complex than they seem. Whether you are a coach, a leader at any level, someone who has to juggle multiple needs, or already an expert in your field, you come across seemingly impossible challenges every day. How do you respond to constant change? How do you adapt to a dynamic and dangerous market? How do you truly change an organization? How do you deal with big ideas like culture and leadership that have immediate effects on your operation? Join us to find out more about ORGANIC agility, a coherent approach to enabling resilience and helps you to move away from impossible plans and methods that don’t work for you, towards an acceptance of complexity and a recognition of how to actually manage change.

Type of Training: ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations

Dates: May 06.-07., 2020

Location: Berlin, Germany

Language: English

Trainer: Andrea Tomasini


    1. ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations Part 1: 750 Euro (+VAT) 
    2. ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations Parts 1 and 2: 1500 Euro (+VAT)

Availability: Still places available

Day 1

In the first day you will understand the context, reason for existence, and approach of ORGANIC agility. We will go over the real-life challenges a company faces and place them in the context of current market changes. Then, we will talk about protecting an organization against the unpredictable. We will cover the concept of resilience and the role organizational culture plays in achieving it. Finally, we will introduce the ORGANIC agility approach and the understanding of an organization as a living thing, composed of multiple complex parts and able to change and evolve, as opposed to a mechanical, engineered system. This day will lay the groundwork for everything that is to come and focus on the core concepts of leadership, organizational culture, and context-sensitive decision making in order to achieve that.

If you want a first taste or an overview on Leadership, Organizational Change, Culture, Resilience and what it's all about, Day 1 can serve as a stand-alone introduction, with no need to attend Day 2.

Day 2

Day 2 takes place over the second day of the ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations training. This workshop builds on the knowledge acquired during Part 1 and moves into the specifics of organizational design, change and strategy. In order to bring your knowledge to life, part 2 will allow you to experience strategy and the exploration of value through an immersive, in-depth simulation that will lead you through developing the capabilities of a model example, so that you will be able to visualize how they could apply to your own organization over time. This experience is designed to offer both the knowledge and the lived example that can help shift mindsets and prepare the ground for the work of growing towards resilience. As an in-house workshop, this model example can be replaced with actual case studies from your organization.


1-day ORGANIC agility Foundations Part 1: Early Bird Price: 600 Euro (+ VAT) until April 6th, 2020

Standard Price: 750 Euro (+ VAT)

2-day ORGANIC agility Foundations Parts 1 and 2: Early Bird Price: 1200 Euro (+ VAT) until April 6th, 2020

Standard Price: 1500 Euro (+ VAT)

The next step:

The Masterclass of ORGANIC Leadership Foundations

The intent of the Masterclass is, on the one hand, to take a deeper dive into the theory behind the Foundations, and on the other to give participants the tools and background that will enable them to eventually teach the ORGANIC agility Foundations Class themselves. It is the first step towards becoming an ORGANIC agility Professional and part of the ORGANIC agility network.
It includes a detailed examination of the new ORGANIC Leadership® Framework that connects attitudes, behaviors and context to arrive at an understanding of leadership for the complex times we live in, and a closer study of the Cynefin Framework, an award-winning support for decision-making and context awareness that helps leaders take action as well as communicate effectively. 

The Masterclass also looks more closely into organizational culture and understanding what it is and how to measure and change it. 
Connected to that, the Masterclass takes a first step into the assessment of Leadership from an ORGANIC perspective and the practices of active and accelerated learning that our workshops use.


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