Cynefin Deep Dive

Berlin, Germany, March 2020

Have you already been through an ORGANIC agility or Leadership training and would like to learn more about Cynefin as a decision-making framework?

Do you want to combine your ORGANIC agility Foundations and Masterclass with deepening the skills you will need as a professional trainer, coach, or consultant?

Are you new to the whole thing and need an introduction to complexity?

Are you interested in a new set of complex facilitation techniques and workshop exercises that can support your processes?

Then this training might be for you.


Details about the Cynefin Deep Dive Workshop

The Cynefin framework is an award-winning way of adjusting your responses to the context you are in. It is an essential tool for decision-making and communication in organizations and in the context of ORGANIC agility it embodies the principle of deciding based on context. The Cynefin framework recognizes the simple fact that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions and that the needs of organizations in a complex situation are completely different from those in routine processes.

Type of Training: Cynefin Deep Dive Workshop

Dates: March 05., 2020

Location: Berlin, Germany

Language: English

Trainer: Johann Entz- von Zerssen

Price: 600 Euro (+VAT) 

Availability: Still places available

Workshop Overview

This one-day primer will take the background the ORGANIC agility Foundations already gives you and will use it to re-introduce you to the Cynefin framework and what it really means. It will include hands-on exercises to show you how to approach contexts as expressions of different kinds of systems and what this means for you when you operate in them. It will also mobilize that knowledge to demonstrate how strategy works in uncertainty and how you can refine it using techniques from complex facilitation.


Meet your Trainer


Your trainer for this session will be Johann Entz- von Zerssen. Johann is an ORGANIC agility Professional and a coach who sees his role as an assistant to his customers, so that they can be the best version of themselves and face the challenges life throws at them every day. Over the past 20 years of experience he has come to understand how difficult and yet possible change for individuals and teams is, once there is awareness and a willingness to address these challenges. In his coaching/facilitation he uses new as well as tested approaches based on developmental, systems and complex adaptive systems theory and practice.


1-day Cynefin Deep Dive Workshop: 600 Euro (+ VAT)

(We would recommend that you attend our ORGANIC Agility Foundations Workshop + Masterclass prior to this Workshop - More details here)


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