ORGANIC agility® Community Code of Conduct

The ORGANIC agility® community is intended to be a safe space for those who have training and an interest in furthering the realm of organizational leadership. It is made up of leaders from around the globe with a diverse set of skills, personalities, and experiences. It is through these differences that our community experiences great successes and continued growth. There are three tiers of membership and there are different requirements and expectations in each tier. This page lays out those requirements and expectations.

ORGANIC agility® Foundation Community


Members of the Foundation community have attended either a Certified Agile Leadership™️ (CAL) or an ORGANIC agility® training course. There is no membership fee to be part of this group and all members will have access to the Foundation channel of the ORGANIC agility Community Workspace. 

Members of the ORGANIC agility community are open, considerate, and respectful. Behaviours that reinforce these values contribute to a positive environment, and include:

    • Openly share and receive. Members of the ORGANIC agility community will share their truth as they see it, receive others truths as they see it and interpret contributions positively.
    • Consider what is best for the ORGANIC agility community. Members are not here to score points or further themselves at the expense of the community. ORGANIC agility community growth and support of one another is our number one priority.
    • Respect time, effort and diversity. Members are respectful of the volunteer nature of the contributions of others and that there is rarely a "right answer". We're respectful when addressing the efforts of others and the different perceptions caused by different experiences, cultures and beliefs.
    • Respect members' safety and comfort. Different members have different levels of comfort when it comes to participation, challenge and feedback. As members our over-riding aim is to create a safe environment for everyone to contribute how they feel comfortable to do so.
    • Consider inclusive language. Members bring people in to conversations; not exclude them either consciously or unconsciously. We consider our language carefully to encourage this.

ORGANIC agility® Premium Community

In return for a monthly membership fee, members can also have access to the Premium Channel of the ORGANIC agility Community Workspace. This channel is intended to provide a home for active agile leaders to explore and support each other with some additional premium content to support their specific challenges and professional growth.

The benefits that members of the ORGANIC agility™️ Premium Community can expect are:

    • A more exclusive safe space to mentor and be mentored, coach and be coached, support and be supported, give and receive feedback, co-create and learn. 
    • A private, moderated Community channel.
    • Access to a group of committed, experienced and supportive agile professionals with hundreds of years of agile experience in multiple industries, domains and cultures seeking to grow and learn together.
    • Monthly coaching clinics to discuss specific topics in real-time over various audio and video media.
    • Monthly recordings of 1-2-1 coaching sessions between members and moderators.
    • One new eLearning module per month.

In addition to the values and behaviours expected in the ORGANIC agility Foundation Community, members of the ORGANIC agility Premium Community are also expected to:

    • Maintain confidentiality of challenges shared in the coaching clinics and 1-2-1 sessions, not sharing this content with anyone outside of the community.
    • Not use the information shared by members to leverage influence or otherwise manipulate a member for one's personal or professional advantage.

ORGANIC agility® Professional Community

Members who have met the following conditions, are eligible to join the ORGANIC agility Professional Community:

    • Completed the ORGANIC agility training pathway, including the ORGANIC agility Foundation Master Class
    • Signed the ORGANIC agility Professional NDA and licence agreement
    • Subscribed to the ORGANIC agility Professional Community membership fee
The benefits that members of the ORGANIC agility Professional Community can expect are:
    • Access to the private Professional channel for sharing thoughts, developments and challenges.
    • Access to the private ORGANIC agility intranet site
    • ORGANIC agility Marketing material that you can freely use in your business
    • SessionLab templates for all ORGANIC agility courses and additional modules (both in-person and remote)
    • Miro board templates for ORGANIC agility modules
    • Centralised listing service for all ORGANIC agility training courses
    • A personalised trainer profile page displaying all of your courses
    • 25% royalty commission for reselling ORGANIC agility tool licences and online courses
    • Access to the ORGANIC agility Premium community
In addition to the values and behaviours expected in the ORGANIC agility Foundation Community and the ORGANIC agility Premium Community, members of the ORGANIC agility Professional Community are also expected to:
    • Refrain from outright marketing of their professional services within the wider ORGANIC agility Community
    • Role-Model exemplary behaviour to the rest of the ORGANIC agility Community and assist in de-escalating and moderating any potential conflict or code of conduct infringements.

Process for Code of Conduct Breaches

In most circumstances, breaches of the code of conduct will be relatively minor and accidental. In those cases the following "Incidental Process" will apply:

Incidental Process for Code of Conduct breaches:

Should any member be deemed to have breached the code of conduct then the moderators will give them a formal warning. The member can expect to receive clear written citation of the alleged breach and an explanation of what in particular they are deemed to have done wrong. Members can request a private conversation to clarify the breach.

Members will be given the opportunity to publicly acknowledge to the ORGANIC agility Community that they have breached the code of conduct and, if necessary, apologise. If the member chooses not to acknowledge the breach, then the moderators reserve the right to clarify to the ORGANIC agility Community that a breach has occurred. This is intended to help the ORGANIC agility Community learn about expected and tolerated behaviours.

Should any member, having already received a formal warning, commit a second code of conduct breach, then the moderators have the option to offer a second formal warning or remove the member from the ORGANIC agility Community.

In some cases, a first-time breach will be considered significant enough to warrant an immediate expulsion from the ORGANIC agility Community. These breaches include, but are not limited to:

    • Discriminatory abuse of any kind
    • The sending of explicit messages or media
    • Harassment or bullying (or incitement to) of another member
    • Proposal of, or commitment of, illegal activities
    • The intentional sharing of member's identities or contact information without consent
    • The deliberate misuse of other member's intellectual property


This Code of Conduct page is not exhaustive nor complete but aims to help steer members interactions and keep the ORGANIC agility Community a positive, successful, and growing community. The guidelines will continue to evolve as the communities evolve but will never cover every eventuality.