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ORGANIC agility® conference

ORGANIC agility conference 2020

The ORGANIC agility event is back in Vancouver, Canada. A conference dedicated to learning and developing more organizational resilience in rapidly changing landscapes. Book your ticket for April 3, 2020.

ORGANIC agility webinars

The ORGANIC agility webinar series covers specific ORGANIC agility topics with speakers well known in the industry. Some of the topics include organizational culture, leadership behaviors and archetypes, connecting strategy and culture, the importance of leadership behaviors and other subjects. And of course above all, how to keep organizations resilient.

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Cynefin Deep Dive Workshop

This one-day primer will take the background the ORGANIC agility Foundations already gives you and will use it to re-introduce you to the Cynefin framework and what it really means. It will include hands-on exercises to show you how to approach contexts as expressions of different kinds of systems and what this means for you when you operate in them. It will also mobilize that knowledge to demonstrate how strategy works in uncertainty and how you can refine it using techniques from complex facilitation.

In Berlin on March 5, 2020, with Johann Entz- von Zerssen. Read more and register online.