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The agile42 Community consists of over a thousand agilists from around the world with a huge diversity of experiences, backgrounds and cultures.

As a ScrumMaster, Product Owner or Agile Coach joining the agile42 Membership will give you access to a unique learning and development opportunity featuring exclusive educational nuggets and monthly events and help you expand your toolbox.

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Access to over 1,300 agile leaders to share experiences, challenges and experiences. A safe and moderated community of professionals and practitioners, who share a passion for agility, organizational culture, design, change and leadership.




If you want something even more dedicated and focused on your personal and professional development, then join the agile42 Premium Membership with a monthly subscription that gives you access to many benefits:


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All the benefits of the Free Community PLUS
    • Access to self-learning content to help you be more confident, competent and effective in your role
    • Access to exclusive webinars by the agile42 coaches on topics chosen by the you, the community
    • 1 mentorship session monthly
    • Ready to use facilitation templates for the most common sessions faced by Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Coaches
    • Opportunity to present your own case studies or experience reports for feedback
    • Assistance in preparing for conference talks

Become an ORGANIC agility Professional & Trainer

As an accredited ORGANIC agility Professional, you can deliver the ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations course and provide official certificates of attendance to your course participants.

ORGANIC agility is helping organisations become more agile in an agile way, treating the journey of organisational and cultural change towards greater resilience as just that...a journey.

ORGANIC agility professionals meet organisations and their leadership teams right where they are and help them understand their specific context and challenges so that they can evolve their circumstances to be appropriate for them. No “one size fits all” enterprise agility model sold for millions of dollars that crushes the spirit of agility.

If you are looking for something that can help your clients really transition into a more resilient and agile organisation then learn about ORGANIC agility and join our community of professionals committed to creating organisations who don’t need the false certainty of packaged and predefined scaling frameworks.

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"Amazing. The best training I've ever had!"

Rob Cooper, CEO, Cambridge University Press

Very interactive virtual training, amazing!

- Suzanne