ORGANIC Leadership Workshop: Operational

& Masterclass

Berlin, Germany, September 2019

Details about the ORGANIC Leadership workshop - Operational

The ORGANIC Leadership Operational Workshop is designed for leaders focusing on operations, team challenges, or product services, management and delivery. We focus on implementation, managing value and work flow, and working with and within your teams. You will be given a solid understanding of your own path and leadership role in creating change in the context of a transparent and coherent strategy and you will be supported in the practical aspects of mapping and optimizing value flow.

Pre-requisite: ORGANIC agility Foundations Workshop

Type of Training: 2 Day ORGANIC Leadership Operational Masterclass

Dates: September 11.-12., 2019

Location: Berlin, Germany

Language: English

Trainer: Andrea Tomasini


    1. ORGANIC Leadership Operational Workshop (2 days): 840 Euro (+VAT) 

Availability: Still places available

ORGANIC Leadership Workshop - Operational

Different leaders’ paths diverge after the Foundations Workshop. This two-day component makes up the second part of the journey for an organization’s Operational Leadership, including team leaders and middle management and professionals that work with this operational level. However, higher level leaders can also benefit from attending. This workshop will build on the concepts of the introductory day and the information collected during the intervening practice period.

Subjects covered will include:

  • How do operations become a living part of strategy? How do you actively translate strategy into practice while making sure that practice strengthens and feeds pack into strategy?
  • How do you map and optimize workflow and manage value while targeting effectiveness instead of efficiency?
  • How do you work as teams and with teams in the day to day? Here you can add professional coaching approaches to your toolset, so that you can work on the growth of your own teams.
  • What practical tools can help you translate the questions above into execution?

OPTIONAL: Operational Leadership Masterclass


This Masterclass will reveal the theory behind the ORGANIC Leadership: Operational Workshop, and especially how it grows out of the ORGANIC agility Principles. It is also designed to give participants the tools and background that will enable them to eventually teach the ORGANIC Leadership: Operational Workshop themselves.

It is the first step towards becoming an ORGANIC agility Expert, a process that you can complete with additional training and experience building.

The Masterclass will focus more closely on the Principles 3, 4, and 5 and, in addition to the theoretical side, it will offer even more practical tools that can be used for discovering where value lies, matching capabilities to needs, working with a Strategy Map, and optimizing work flow. The learning material available to Masterclass participants will also include self-study resources for more advanced training delivery.


2-day ORGANIC Leadership Workshop Operational: 840 Euro (+ VAT)


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