The Masterclass for ORGANIC Leadership Foundations

You have successfully attended the ORGANIC agility: Leadership Foundations Class and now it’s time to take the next step?
Whether you are a coach, a leader who likes to dive deeper into the science behind complexity, organizational culture, leadership and organizational changes, the ORGANIC Leadership Foundations Masterclass is the right nest step for you.
With the completion of this Masterclass you will also be entitled to become an ORGANIC agility Professional.

Type of Training: ORGANIC agility: Leadership Foundations Masterclass

Dates: July 16., 2020

Location: Berlin, Germany

Language: English

Trainer: Andrea Tomasini

Standard Price: 650 Euro (+VAT) 

Availability: Still places available


The intent of the Masterclass is, on the one hand, to take a deeper dive into the theory behind the Foundations, and on the other to give participants the tools and background that will enable them to eventually teach the ORGANIC agility Foundations Class themselves. It is the first step towards becoming an ORGANIC agility Professional and part of the ORGANIC agility network.
It includes a detailed examination of the new ORGANIC Leadership® Approach that connects attitudes, behaviors and context to arrive at an understanding of leadership for the complex times we live in, and a closer study of the Cynefin Framework, an award-winning support for decision-making and context awareness that helps leaders take action as well as communicate effectively. 

The Masterclass also looks more closely into organizational culture and understanding what it is and how to measure and change it. 
Connected to that, the Masterclass takes a first step into the assessment of Leadership from an ORGANIC perspective and the practices of active and accelerated learning that our workshops use.