ORGANIC Leadership:

Strategic Workshop & Masterclass

Workshop & Masterclass Description

This Workshop is designed for strategic Leadership, Leadership coaches, and professionals with access to the higher organizational levels or those who want to engage in organizational culture. With an emphasis on cultural awareness and decision-making, this is an essential if you want to truly understand why culture and high-level strategy are not abstract concepts, but core parts of how every organization works. 

The ORGANIC agility Foundations workshop is a pre-requisite for everyone who wishes to attend this workshop. For those on the ORGANIC agility Partner path, the ORGANIC Leadership Operational Masterclass is an additional pre-requisite for attending this workshop.

ORGANIC Leadership Workshop - Strategic

The Foundations was an introduction to the high-level principles and organizational culture. Building on that knowledge and the independent work you have carried our as preparation, here you will get to the meat of culture and decision-making. You will learn what high level strategy really is and why it serves you and your organizational resilience best when you can focus on it instead of getting distracted by intervening on operations.

You will also be introduced to a complexity-driven approach to organizational change towards greater cultural coherence and you will be shown why alignment or statements of values and grand change programs can not help you. Instead, the focus will be on evolutionary change based on the core ideas of changing towards a direction, but not an ideal goal, and working with the potential of the present. We will also talk about organizational culture as a response to market needs and positioning. Finally, you will be exposed to narrative techniques that help leaders understand the power of story and ritual and how they can mobilize it in the process of changing culture.

We only offer this workshop as an internal class rather than a public one, because a lot of its value comes from the ability to work with real, actual, and specific organizational data.


OPTIONAL: Strategic Leadership Masterclass


This two-day Masterclass will reveal the theory behind the ORGANIC Leadership: Strategic Workshop, and especially how it grows out of the ORGANIC agility Principles and how it works with theories of complexity, ritual, and narrative. The Masterclass is only available as a public course, in order to bring together the network of coaches for those events, cutting across organizations and backgrounds. This connection becomes increasingly important as professionals grow more advanced in the theory and practice of ORGANIC agility. It is also designed to give participants the tools and background that will enable them to eventually teach the ORGANIC Leadership: Strategic Workshop themselves.

It is the first step towards becoming an ORGANIC agility Mentor, a process that you can complete with additional training and experience building. After having achieved the Mentor level, an ORGANIC agility partner is ably not just to deliver all ORGANIC agility workshops, but also to accredit ORGANIC agility Professionals.


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