Remote Leadership Foundation Masterclass

November 2020

Details about the Leadership Foundation Masterclass

This Masterclass will primarily focus on creating the foundation to allow candidates for the ORGANIC agility Professional designation to learn how to use and deliver the training material, as well as a bit more of details and deep dives on the theory to enable them to use it in practice and to answer questions in a class/workshop environment. NOTE: to participate to this class it is mandatory to have attended at least one time both Foundation Class days

Type of Training: Remote Leadership Foundation Masterclass

Dates: November 05.-06., 2020

Location: Remote 

Language: English

Trainer: Andrea Tomasini

Price: 650 Euro (+VAT) 

Availability: Still places available

ORGANIC Agility Foundation - Masterclass (2 day remote)

This two day remote Masterclass provides a stronger background to the theory behind ORGANIC agility foundation and should provide accreditation as ORGANIC Professional, to all participants entitling them to teach ORGANIC agility foundation public classes. The program starts by introducing Training from the back of the room as a training design approach, and then deep dives each of the theory blocks experienced in the Foundation class, providing a stronger background theory.

Prerequisite: attendees need to have attended the ORGANIC agility foundation class, possibly the day before this master class.


Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of the underlying theory of ORGANIC agility, starting from the approach, the idea of principles as scaffolding and the leadership framework
  • ORGANIC leadership framework, three dimensions with interventions
  • Cynefin framework, basics, liminal, dynamics and fractals
  • ORGANIC Principles deep dive on methods: Competing Values Framework, Value Stream Discovery, Competence Mapping, Agile Strategy Map

Workshop Structure and Training Modules

  1. Training from the Back of the Room, basics for training design (45')
  2. Deep dive on ORGANIC Leadership
  3. Deep dive on organizational culture
  4. Deep dive on Cynefin
  5. Deep dive on Value Stream Discovery and Competence Mapping
  6. Deep dive on Agile Strategy Map
  7. Conclusions and Connecting the dots

2-day ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations Masterclass: 650 Euro (+ VAT)


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